Why Every Medical Imaging Facility needs an Imaging Consultant

Updated: Feb 18

Medical imaging is a vital component of the healthcare delivery system. In the last decade, imaging technology has greatly improved the quality and precision of diagnostic images. As a result, radiology has increasingly become one of the most important tools to help doctors diagnose disease, develop treatment options and monitor effectiveness of treatment.

Medical imaging will continue to grow over the next 10 years as the medical needs of aging Americans will become a strong driving force for this growth. Patients are also becoming more involved in making their medical decisions and are requesting, sometimes demanding diagnostic testing to be ordered by their physician. While the use of medical imaging continues to grow, reimbursements are going in the opposite direction and operational cost is increasing, forcing some facilities to rethink their strategy and question if it's worth staying open.

Regulatory compliance requirements have been on the increase, further escalating operational cost. Even so, there's still money to be made in medical imaging. To succeed, Medical imaging facilities will have to find creative ways to rein in operational cost, create additional income streams where possible by expanding or restructuring their service offerings, eliminate waste and optimize their processes. This is where you need imaging consultants like Vivid Diagnostic Imaging to partner with you to develop a strategy that addresses these challenges and empowers you to succeed.

Medical Imaging is a highly-regulated industry and requires subject matter expertise to not only succeed but maintain required regulatory compliance which is vital for longevity in business. Some healthcare providers struggle with providing quality care and turning a profit, sometimes having to choose one or the other. With expert guidance and careful planning, imaging facilities can provide first class patient care and still be profitable. Medical facilities are a business and need to make money to stay open and be available when their patients need them.

With the help of an experienced and dedicated medical imaging consultant, there are ways to ensure that your facility remains profitable while delivering first class care and not compromising on quality.

Here are 10 starter questions to ponder over. HINT - there's more!!

  1. Are your facility layout and aesthetics appealing and welcoming?

  2. Is the imaging environment designed with patient comfort in mind?

  3. Is your imaging room designed to optimize Technologist performance and time management?

  4. Are there potential hidden safety hazards? - huge liability

  5. When was the last time you re-negotiated your contracts?

  6. Have you reviewed, updated and audited your policies, protocols and procedures lately?

  7. When was the last time you audited your processes by direct observation?

  8. Are your processes efficient?

  9. Could you be flushing money down the drain by making impromptu, short term cuts that end up hurting your bottom line?

  10. Are you increasing cost and losing revenue by not eliminating waste and optimizing value adding processes?

Got answers to these questions? Let's talk about them!

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