Updated: Feb 18

Healthcare processes can be complicated and vary from organization to organization and even across departments in one organization. Many organizations try to develop their own unique solutions to their specific organizational and departmental challenges. This often makes it difficult to develop one-size-fits-all, standardized processes across organizations. As a result, variation and non-value added activities are an intrinsic part of healthcare processes.

The prevalence of variation and non-value added activities present operational challenges and makes it difficult to anticipate, plan for and manage the needs of the organization, as well as patient expectations. Such environments increase the likelihood of producing “defective” products or services eventually leading to increased patient dissatisfaction, increased costs and subsequent loss of revenue.

In Healthcare, “defects” range from botched surgeries or radiologic procedures to a death, all of which are undesirable and devastating outcomes. Identifying process failures that lead to these “defects” or undesirable results significantly helps to reduce error rates, improve operational efficiency and patient experience and increase profitability. Healthcare is becoming more consumer-driven. Understanding consumer needs and expectations, and finding ways to satisfy those needs within reasonable cost is very vital for financial success and sustained growth.

In Healthcare, “defects” range from botched surgeries or radiologic procedures to a death, all of which are undesirable and devastating outcomes.

Healthcare costs continue to increase while reimbursements go in the opposite direction. Applying Lean six sigma principles is key to organizational success, especially given the unique and dynamic nature of the healthcare industry. Lean is the way to go if you want to minimize costs and maximize profits without sacrificing quality. Rather than “Go Big Or Go Home”, I say “Go Lean Or Go Home“.

                        Our Vision

To create outstanding client experiences that will position us to become the preferred medical imaging and healthcare consulting solutions provider in Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond.

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To provide first-class, cost-efficient consulting services that empower our clients to better care for and improve the quality of life of their patients, while staying profitable.

                            Our Values

  •   We treat ALL clients (big or small) with respect and honesty.

  •   We strive to provide first-class, cost-efficient solutions.

  •   We empower our clients to take the best care of their patients.

  •   We believe in integrity - Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

  •   We want to be part of bringing growth to the community we work in.

  •   We take care of our staff so they can better serve our clients.



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