Nuclear Imaging Consulting

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Starting nuclear medicine imaging services in your cardiology office is easier than you think. You can start offering nuclear imaging services in your office with virtually zero start-up costs. We can also guide you through the process of establishing a state-of-the-art imaging lab using your existing space and resources. Our many years of industry experience has prepared us to navigate the intricate processes involved in setting up, staffing and managing a successful nuclear imaging lab as well as maintaining regulatory compliance.


Over the years, we have built relationships with other industry experts, including equipment suppliers, equipment service companies, medical physicists, radiopharmaceutical and general medical suppliers. This gives us the leverage to negotiate on your behalf and obtain the best rates possible, significantly reducing your start-up and operating cost.


Get the most out of the investment you've already put into establishing your practice!

We have designed two operating models that empower physicians to offer first class care to patients while generating additional revenue for their practice.


Model #1 - The Complete package - This is the turn-key solution. Package includes:

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist

  • Stress Test Technician

  • Equipment – Gamma Camera and accessories

  • Equipment maintenance – Preventive maintenance and repair

  • Radiopharmaceuticals (Doses)

  • 0.9% Saline flushes

  • IV start kits and other general medical supplies (extension tubing, gloves, syringes, needles)

  • License maintenance – includes radiation badge monitoring

  • Accreditation maintenance – includes annual equipment audit

  • Consulting services – Report audits, staff radiation safety training as needed

  • Radiologist peer review to satisfy ACR requirements


Model #2 - Start-up Option

This is the option for Physician practices that want to invest in setting up their own Nuclear Lab. Starting a nuclear lab is easier than you think! From idea conception to opening day, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process of establishing and operating a successful Nuclear Lab.

Contact us today for a free initial consult to evaluate your practice needs and determine the option that will best meet your needs.


More stringent regulations and requirements, less reimbursements and higher costs.

Many out-patient imaging centers and in-office cardiology imaging services have shut down or are being bought out by larger imaging companies.

With the right guidance, stringent regulations and requirements can still be met. Outpatient and in-office diagnostic imaging is still profitable and in demand. With some imaging labs shutting down, this means more business for those who remain open and stay in compliance.






We help you identify (diagnose) what’s not working for you and your patients.


We guide you through how to eliminate waste and streamline your workflow.


We use information gathered to advance ways to improve your processes.


We help you develop customized solutions that empower your practice to sustain the improvements made.


  • We conduct a baseline assessment of your current practices, identify and eliminate possible bottle necks and non value-adding activities.

  • We optimize value-adding activities, and develop a strategy that facilitates meeting the highest standards in the industry, while remaining profitable.

  • We work with you to determine what steps your practice needs to take in order to maintain compliance.

  • We work within your budget to re-design and update your lab to create a more patient and staff-friendly environment.

  • We help you establish and/or maintain a good radiation protection program.

  • Our industry experience makes it possible to help you identify potential compliance pitfalls and set proactive protocols that prevent them from happening.

  • We develop customized solutions that expand your services and increase revenue.

  • We conduct quarterly, annual and pre-inspection audits that help you stay prepared for a successful inspection.

  • We guide you through the process of obtaining accreditation through the ACR or IAC (ICANL).

  • We will train your staff on how to provide first class patient care that is sure to improve your patient satisfaction scores and increase your revenue.

Having a patient-friendly imaging environment is critical to the success of healthcare facilities and has been shown to enhance positive patient experience. Our clinical experience working directly with patients for over 16 years helps us better understand what patients want in an imaging environment. We will work with you and your staff to create a patient-friendly imaging environment that is sure to help increase your patient satisfaction scores and improve your bottom line.


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                        Our Vision

To create outstanding positive patient experiences that will position us to become the preferred diagnostic imaging provider in Dallas - Fort Worth and beyond.

                             Our Mission

To provide first-class, affordable diagnostic imaging services that empower our referring physicians to better care for and improve the quality of life of their patients.

                            Our Values

  •   We serve ALL our patients with compassion and respect.

  •   We strive to provide excellent service in a safe and comfortable environment.

  •   We empower our physician clients to take the best care of their patients.

  •   We want to be part of bringing growth and development to the community we work in.

  •   We believe in integrity - Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

  •   We take care of our staff so they can better serve our patients.


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