Infection & Tumor Imaging

nuclear medicine wbc scan
WBC Ceretec or Indium WBC Scan

Your physician has recommended that you have a Ceretec or Indium-111 white blood cell scan, also called Ceretec or Indium WBC-tagged Scan. This procedure is used to check your body for the presence of infection.  Sixty milliliters of blood will be drawn from your arm vein. This blood will be sent to the nuclear pharmacy to separate your white blood cells (WBC's) from the rest of the blood and then tagged with a radioisotope, either Technitium 99M Ceretec or Indium-111. Your radioactive white blood cells will be re-injected through a vein in your arm.  Your whole body or the area of interest will be scanned 2  to 3 hours after injection.


The Radiologist will review the images and a report will be sent to your  physician who will contact you and discuss the results with you.

Gallium Scan 


The following are reasons your doctor may order a Gallium scan.

  •       To locate areas of tumor involvement, such as lymphoma

  •       Detect abscess or infections in bones

  •       Fever of unknown origin (FUO)

  •       Monitor response to antibiotic treatment

  •       Diagnose inflammatory conditions ex: pulmonary fibrosis or sarcoidosis

  •       Assess for metastasis in patients with known primary cancer

  •       Assess effectiveness of cancer treatment



Your doctor has ordered a gallium scan. This is a safe and effective diagnostic radioisotope that gives off a small amount of radiation. Gallium scan helps locate specific sites of tumor, abscess, inflammation or other abnormalities within the body.

There is no special preparation before you receive the Gallium injection. You may eat and drink as normal

Recommended Imaging Schedule:

For abdominal abscess: 2-6 hours post injection

For tumor: 24, 48 and as recommended by radiologist

Bowel Preparation:

Bowel preparation may be needed for follow-up imaging. The most commonly recommended prep is 1-2 tsp Milk of Magnesia in the evening before the 24, 48, and 72 hour recommended images. Let your physician know if you are allergic to milk of magnesia or any of it's ingredients. Your physician will then recommend an alternative if necessary.


Time Required:

• Imaging is typically done starting at 24 hours post injection, then 48, 72 and 96 hours as needed

• Each imaging session will require 60-90 minutes



Do not breastfeed two weeks before a Ga67 scan, to avoid accumulation of Gallium in the breast tissue.

It is recommended that you don’t resume breastfeeding for 4 weeks following the scan. Be sure to talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks prior to scheduling your procedure.

Oral Contrast:

No contrast material (ex: Barium) or medication that contains bismuth (ex: Pepto Bismol) 4 days prior. These can interfere with test results.